Google G1 Vs Google G2 – First Android Phone and the New HTC Magic

The HTC G1 was the principal Google Android model and the HTC Magic otherwise called the Vodafone G2 is its spin-off; this is most likely the best presentation for these two handsets. In spite of the fact that the new Magic model is very comparative in looks to its ancestor the G1 you can’t disregard certain particulars and trend setting innovation found in HTC G2. In the event that you look at the two models you will see the similitudes that make both these handsets a commendable venture.

In the event that you are purchasing another handset and befuddled over the two models then here are a few recommendations wrote particularly for you.

The as a matter of first importance distinction between the Magic and HTC G1 is that the new model doesn’t have the console utility. It has a one touch screen. In the event that you need the console, at that point decide on the first G1 model, with no second thoughts as it will clearly bolster your sort of work, however you may need to forego on a little propelled particulars. From the start the photos of HTC Magic may dazzle you however it would be a superior choice on the off chance that it had a console or a multi-contact choice.

How about we assess the striking highlights of both the HTC Magic just as HTC G1

Show: The G1 and the HTC G2 both accompany a 3.2 inch TFT-LCD level and a touch delicate screen with a goals of 320 * 480.

Console: The first model has a console that slides out and is favored by numerous individuals as sending instant messages and sending messages become simple when time is so valuable. The new Magic version has a virtual console (contact screen).

System: In the UK, the system supplier for G1 is T-portable and Vodafone is the system supplier for HTC G2.

Video recording: The principal Android model doesn’t bolster video recording office and it is viewed as a downside with this model however video recording and playback office is upheld by HTC Magic which is one of its principle points of interest.

GPS: Both the models have GPS office which discovers goals rapidly and proficiently. The G1 model has a GPS beneficiary and the HTC G2 model accompanies an inward GPS recieving wire.

Weight: The HTC Magic model is sleeker and slimmer than the G1 model as the subsequent version weighs 118 g with battery and the first release weighs 158 g with battery included.

Talk time: It is seen that G1 model backings 5h of talk time though its unrivaled partner the Magic backings 7h 30 m of talk time thus favored by individuals who impart a great deal.

We have talked about the significant contrasts and similitudes between these two magnificent handsets; you can generally have your very own decision subsequent to utilizing them. Since the new Magic model doesn’t gangs a physical console it is frequently contrasted with the iPhone which uses contact screen for composing. In any case, individuals still favor the conventional G1 console and it is one of the first models principle points of interest. Both have and improved talk time and the product is very comparative in both the telephones in spite of the fact that the HTC Magic has an edge of a bit of leeway.

The new HTC Magic [] joins a developing number of new touch screen telephones including the new LG Arena [] with its 3D User Interface as a further choice.

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